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Complimentary Consultations

At AboutSmile Dentures consults are always free, allowing you to discuss a treatment plan with no obligations. We are sensitive to our patient's needs and work hard to make you comfortable with your dental care.

Full Dentures

Our full dentures are designed to improve chewing ability, maintain muscle tone, improve speech and pronunciation and, very importantly, give patients back their smile.

We offer different denture packages to work with the patient’s budget and we can use different materials to characterize and custom design them for that particular patient.  We also encourage our patients to bring in old pictures so we can try to reproduce the patient’s natural smile if the patient wants.

Mandibular (Lower) Suction Denture

Our office also provides a lower suction denture with our packages, using the BPS technique, to help keep the lower denture stable, and our patients happy. For patients who have had trouble in the past with their lower denture not fitting well, this may be a solution.   

Immediate Dentures (Temporary Dentures/Healing Dentures) 

Immediate dentures are placed in the mouth immediately after all teeth are extracted, and are designed to aid in the healing process. As the gums and tissue heal they also shrink, causing the removable prosthesis to become loose overtime. Soft tissue conditioning liners will be placed periodically to ensure the best fit and comfort. Once the mouth has healed for 4-6 months the patient can progress from an immediate denture to a permanent one.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are used when healthy teeth are present and are designed to establish function and aesthetics. They maintain the health of the tissue and bone and preserve the remaining teeth by preventing them from migrating from their proper position. The partial denture design and material used will reflect what's in the patient's best interest.

Relines (Realignment of the tissue surface)

The purpose of a reline is to redo the inside of the denture to give it the closest fit possible to your current tissue at the time of reline. The human mouth is always changing, especially after teeth are removed. Therefore, for a proper fit its important to reline dentures 4-6 months after teeth are extracted to allow healing and shrinkage of the gums to take place.  So if you had immediate dentures placed after extractions and later the dentures no longer fit you mite of never had a reline done. Also the jaw bone shrinks throughout the course of a persons life, especially with no teeth or implant present to support so denture relines are needed to keep a proper fit. 


Stresses in the mouth can cause denture bases and teeth to fracture over time. Our in house lab provides same day repairs (depending on the complexity of the break), which in most cases can be done while you wait.