See what our patients say about us

Keith R.

                                                      "Mikhail is as good as it gets with teeth. He is the consummate professional: caring, diligent energetic                                                        and constantly working to stay ahead of the teeth technology curve. I would recommend him in                                                                 second to relatives, friends and anyone else needing quality care of value."

Mitchell A.

"I highly recommend AboutSmile Dentures to anyone that needs to purchase new dentures. The Customer Service/Care is the utmost. If you ever need an adjustment, they fit you into their schedule right away. I am extremely happy with my new teeth that I have purchased since 1986. Thank you Mikhail"

S. Cross

"A couple months ago my partial broke completely in two and I had no idea who I should go to, so I called my insurance company and they recommended I call Mikhail. I am so very glad I did and have found a Denturist I can stay with and be assured of the best quality of work possible. My partial looks great, fits great and I don't have to worry about them working loose when I'm eating or doing anything for that matter. It's a very good feeling to know I have found a Denturist that shows his passion for the work he does and the people he helps along the way."

Jarrett L

"I knew very little regarding the process of dentures before going to AboutSmile. I was immediately put at ease by the professionalism and courtesy of Mikhail. He walked me through the entire process, even gave me a few heads up regarding the extractions. I could not have been more impressed or pleased by the amount of care or performance of the quality work. If only every business had this level service and Quality. Mikhail went out of his way on more than one occasion to help me in ways that surpassed my expectations. This is a business that should thrive. Once the word is out about AboutSmile and Mikhail It may be hard to get an appointment. I could not give a higher recommendation. I would suggest getting in to see him before everyone else finds out."

Lorraine B

"Mikhail Govshievich is a highly skilled and professional denturist. He takes pride in his work. He works very hard. He is very compassionate. It shows through his work. He is very helpful through the whole process. I find myself very thankful and grateful to have him. This is a hard transition for anyone. The dentures are beautiful. They are very natural looking. I have a million dollar smile. It is due to the time and work Mikhail has put into this. He takes pride in his work and it shows. He wants the best possible outcome for his patients. I would highly recommend Mikhail to everyone. He is the best!"


"I just want to say thank you so very much for allowing me to smile once again, after nearly twenty years of doing all I could to not allow my teeth to be seen by anyone, TODAY I CAN SMILE!!!! From the very first day of you looking at the true conditions of my dental situation you began to assure me that you would do all you could to bring a smile back into my life. You were sensitive to my insecurities when I spoke about the shame I had been living through for the past twenty years concerning hiding my teeth from society and all the effort it took each and everyday. You assured that it would take some time and a lot of hard work on your part which I appreciate greatly. Each visit I had with you gave me confidence that my smile just might come back to life. Visit by visit you painted a picture that I began to believe in, despite the difficulties that I had put my teeth and mouth through, the end results was more than amazing for me and the career field that I have been working hard to be part of. Talking and smiling is a huge part of both my life and career and due to your dedication and hard work I can now look life in the face and smile with all of society. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mikhail, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!"


"I would like to give a big thank you to Mikhail Govshievich L.D. for a wonderful job he did with me on my dentures. Mikhail was very knowledgeable, explanatory, and gentle. I would recommend Mikhail to anyone who needs to smile again."


"You quickly fixed my broken tooth for a reasonable price. Fast and friendly, who could ask for more!"


"Just took really good care of me!!"


"Again I want to thank you on the amazing job you did. I've been without confidence for the last year and in less then 30 days you made it all come back. I really appreciate the job you have done and the time you put in. Thanks, R.G."

Ron Hunter

"I'm a USMC Veteran and single father of three. All I wanted was for one thing to go right in life - to get the best pair of dentures so I could smile for pictures with my children. Mikhail gave me that and more. My children and I are very happy with the results. A better set of teeth than I was born with. The thing I admire most about Mikhail is that he does the procedure himself from beginning to end. He doesn't just take the measurements and send it to a lab to be done. I encourage Vets and people who need that one thing to go right to contact Mikhail today and get ready for you new SMILE."


My name is Trina S.
From my very first appointment the whole experience was not only professional and informative but also very personal. Mikhail was really easy to talk to and so knowledgeable about his craft you just immediately knew you were in good hands! The finished teeth so over exceeded my most hopeful expectations I was literally in tears the first time i saw my new smile. I would recommend Mikhail and About Smile Dentures and implants to anyone it will change your life!